Whatever field of business you are in, D-Mail adds an extra dimension of impact to your Internet communications. While your competition makes do with dreary, plain text mails, you will really stand out with an eye-catching, colourful and totally professional presentation. Your communications will feature your own, original corporate style and layout showing your logo, contact details, attractive images and memorable overall visual identity. You will have a professional and personal touch that will see you stand well out from the competition.
Because email messages are created and distributed electronically, there are no printing, paper or postage costs. This of course means that the cost of designing and distributing email marketing materials is significantly less than creating and mailing equivalent print materials for the same number of recipients.
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NEW! Send one email to multiple SMS (cell phone) receivers

Allow users to automatically subscribe or un-subscribe to your mailing list

Automatically remove opt-out requests from your mailing list
Filter duplicate email addresses from your mailing list
Schedule D-Mail 'Send' times and dates
Place a Subscribe box on your website
Create unlimited HTML Templates using our Design Wizard
Option to send individual emails
Include photos in your messages
Add links in your messages to your website

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D-Words -
Your Specialist Marketing Department

To help you maximise the effectiveness of D-Mail , we are now very pleased to be able to offer D-Words . Here is your company marketing department instantly on hand to write and layout your newsletters and electronic brochures...and anything else you might need done to round out your marketing strategy...so all you have to do is jot down the points you wish to get across to your customers, forward them to D-Words and your vital communication is compiled by an experienced professional copywriter, given an eye-catching layout using your corporate mail template to give you high profile exposure and keep you at the front of your clients' minds.

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