Why you need D-Mail!

It is now possible to send D-Mails to your customers and clients which have the same visual appeal as a website. And since it is so easy for your contacts to forward your D-Mail to their friends and colleagues, you can now reach many more prospects, more cost-effectively than through any other method of communication.

Branded HTML D-Mails will drive more traffic to your website!
Because you can insert links into your D-Mails, you can direct customers to important promotions, specials, issues or developments on your website that may otherwise go unnoticed. Most people check their email at least daily, but may not visit your website that frequently, so use D-Mail as a mini-version of your website to get your messages to your customers.

Reach an unknown number of recipients!
Your existing subscribers can easily forward copies of your D-Mails to their like-minded friends and colleagues. This will result in your brand name and message reaching many more prospective customers then you could ever manage to reach on your own.

Making a change won't cost you a small fortune!
Because printed media is just that, printed - if you need to make even a small change to a price, phone number, email address etc it costs you money and takes time. With D-Mail you can make your changes easily and distribute your new information instantly without it costing you an extra cent.

Create customer loyalty!
Delivering useful and informative content on a regular basis will assist you in developing a stronger, trusting relationship with your subscribers.

Ideas on what to include in your D-Mail Newsletters

Here are some examples of content we know subscribers like to read and receive in their newsletters:

  • Promotion of new products and services
  • Updates and news of new company developments
  • Special deals and offers
  • Free giveaways and competitions
  • Profiles or interviews on staff members
  • Information on upcoming events, conferences and seminars
  • Tips and 'How To' information relating to your products and information
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Photos, brochures and price lists on your products
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